UK non-slip matting products for marine environments

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Our non-slip marine matting features the winning combination of drainage, slip resistance and surface protection to keep travellers safe and boats and components free from damage.
Putting measures in place to protect passengers and equipment is vital in a marine environment, where slippery surfaces and harsh conditions are all par for the course. Our slip resistant marine matting and tapes can be used across a huge variety of applications, including compartments, walkways, decks and engine rooms. Our matting is made from non-porous materials, which are resistant to contamination and easy to clean, and has a flexible construction that contours to irregular surfaces and spaces. The open grid design ensures excellent drainage and air circulation, and the vinyl composition means the non-slip matting remains resistant to chemicals, oils and acids.

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Floorline Matting - 6mm

Floorline is light & comfortable - sold in rolls
Soft cushioned surface reduces breakages
DIN 51130 R11 slip resistant, ideal for wet areas
Works well for normal footwear
Open grid dissipates spillages - good drainage
Multi-purpose product: easy to handle & clean

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Floorline Matting Rolls - 6mm
Floorline Matting - 6mm

Heronair Matting - 10mm

Heronair anti-fatigue and non-slip matting is sold in rolls
Two layer hollow const'n for comfort and softness
Insulating & fatigue reducing
Lightweight, economical and easy to clean
High slip resistant rating & self-draining
Contours to uneven floor surfaces
Made from recycled material

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 Heronair non-slip Matting Rolls - 10mm
Heronair Matting - 10mm

Heronair Photoluminescent - 10mm

Heronair Photoluminescent non-slip matting is sold in rolls.
Heronair Photoluminescent glows in the dark
Perfect matting to mark escape routes along walkways
Easy to cut - contours to uneven surfaces
Easy to maintain - Light to handle
No special cleaning tools needed

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Heronair Photoluminescent non-slip matting Rolls - 10mm
Heronair Photoluminescent Matting - 10mm

Heronrib Matting - 10.5mm

Heronrib non-slip matting is sold in rolls
Barefoot comfort & safety - Effective inside or out
Anti-bacterial additives for permanent hygiene
Effective, multi-directional water drainage
Slip resistant certified DIN 51097 Classification C
Loose lay yet stable underfoot

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 Heronrib non-slip matting Rolls - 10.5mm Thickness
Heronrib Matting - 10.5mm

Heskins - H3460 Marine Anti-Slip and Stick Down (Salt Resistant) Tape

Heskins H3460 tailor made to be used on the open seas on anything from pleasure crafts, to competitive boats and commercial vessels.

H3460 Marine Anti-Slip Stick Down Tape is the first product to be 100% guaranteed salt resistant.

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Heskins H3460 Marine Anti-Slip Stick Down (Salt Resistant) Tape
Heskins H3460 Marine Anti-Slip Stick Down (Salt Resistant) Tape

HESKINS - H3427 Removable Anti-Slip Tape - Temporary Slip Prevention

Temporary anti-slip tape is a suitable product to use for areas that need a temporary anti slip surface, and in places where the aesthetics need to be preserved, hinting at the use of slip prevention that can be removed easily.

Heskins altered this adhesive so when the tape is applied, it holds firm, but it does not cure upon contact, allowing a clean and easy removable of the tape when it's purpose has been served.

This temporary anti-slip tape is finished with our industry standard aluminium oxide grit, ensuring a hard wearing surface that will not fail.

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Heskins - H3427 Removable Anti Slip Tape - Temporary Slip Prevention
Heskins - H3427 Removable Anti Slip Tape - Temporary Slip Prevention

Pillomat Matting - 8mm

Pillomat is sold in rolls.
Lightweight cushioned matting
Suitable for working surfaces/storage areas
Tubular construction resists impact & protects
Open grid allows air circulation and drainage
Hygienic easy clean surface - resists contamination

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Pillomat Matting Rolls - 8mm
Pillomat Matting - 8mm

Plastex Lok Recycled PVC Tiles - 16mm

Dimpled surface provides the highest level of slip resistance, while the non-porous PVC naturally resists chemicals, oils and acids.

Ramped edges and a raised construction make it the perfect matting for work stations, assembly areas, laboratories and storage areas where spillages happen frequently and drainage is needed.

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Plastex Lok Recycled PVC Tiles - 16mm
Plastex Lok Recycled PVC Tiles - 16mm

Versatile PVC Tiles - 13mm

Versatile Non Slip / Anti Fatigue Interlocking PVC Tiles
A wide choice of tile - corner edge & straight edge colours
Many Uses - industrial - commercial - sports & leisure
Special Uses - Walk in fridge freezers / Boats / Wet work areas

Safety Ramps can be also purchased to suit the tiles.

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Versatile Interlocking PVC Tiles - 13mm
Versatile PVC Tiles - 13mm

Versatile Recycled PU Tiles - 13mm

Versatile Recycled Polyurethane Tiles

These tiles are ideal for anti-fatigue mats in work areas
Colours: Bright Green or Black when available
Industrial - commercial - domestic - many uses
PVC Safety Ramps can be used with these tiles

Versatile PU are a cheaper option to the Versatile pvc tiles.

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Versatile Recycled PU Tiles - 13mm
Versatile Recycled Polyurethane Tiles - 13mm

Vynagrip Matting - 15mm

Vynagrip and Vynagrip Plus non-slip matting is sold in rolls
Scientifically proven to reduce standing fatigue
Extra ‘aggressive’ tread for increased slip resistance
Open grid system for rapid self-draining
Exceptionally hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean
Cushioning, thermal and noise reducing properties
Chemical, oil and acid resistant

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Vynagrip and Vynagrip Plus non-slip matting is sold in rolls
Vynagrip and Vynagrip Plus Matting - 15mm


Our product range is extensive - please feel free to contact us about your project giving as much detail as possible so that we can advise you on the best product(s) to select. Feel free to ask us for a free quotation incl. VAT and shipping - we will get back to you quickly.